Wiki – Linked Pages on Work Items

Azure DevOps wiki enable you to link the page to work items. Which really useful, but it isn’t obvious without going to the links tab on the work item and see that there are linked wiki pages. See picture below of the tabs. Being able to see on the front page of the work item the list of linked wiki pages and being able to get to those wiki pages would be useful.

Wiki Features

Azure DevOps has features that enable you to get more engagement from you readers including comments, enabling users to follow the page and search. See below some of the features. Follow If you want to be notified when the wiki page changes you can follow the page. On the top right of the page is a follow button, click it to follow. If you need to unfollow then click it again.

Getting Started with Wiki

So what is a wiki? It is a way to collaborate between multiple people. Azure DevOps has two types of Wikis: Project Wiki Coded Wiki Project Wikis You can only have one project wiki. This Wiki can be viewed by all users, including Stakeholders. Coded Wiki You can have multiple coded wikis, but be aware at the moment these can’t be viewed by stakeholders. See https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/idea/365939/allow-stakeholders-to-view-wikis-published-from-co.html for an update of this feature.

Azure DevOps Status

When you are using a Cloud Service like Azure DevOps, it is always helpful to check the status of the Service. There are two different ways to check the status, via the website, and the second way is via the Visual Studio Extension. First the website Open status.dev.azure.com in your prefered browser, and you can see the status. Send via Extension Install via marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=UtkarshShigihalliandTarunArora.VSTSStatusInspector or launch Visual Studio and Search into the Manage Extensions online for “Azure DevOps Status Monitor”.

Azure DevOps - Announcement

Have you ever wanted to have a send an Announcement to everyone who is using Azure DevOps? It could inform them of:

  • Change of Organisation Name
  • Maintenance work on the Build Agents
  • Deadline for a release

Azure DevOps enables you to put a banner message on the top of the browser window to display a message. The message below is an example of how it will look. Every page on Azure DevOps will show this message until the user closes the banner bar, or the message expires.