Getting Started with Azure DevOps

You may have heard of Teams Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Service, Azure DevOps is the next version of this suite of tools. Don’t be fooled by the name, you may think it only works in Azure and with Microsoft Azure. Azure DevOps server can be installed on your on-premise servers or you can use the Service version. As all things, there is positives and negatives too choice. What if I want to deploy to other cloud providers or on-premise, you can do that.

Renaming your Organisation

You may want to rename your Azure DevOps Organisation for different reasons. Change in the company name, for example, don’t worry, you can change it. It is vital Communicate with your Organisation that you are planning to change the name as this will have an impact on your URL to access Azure DevOps.

It isn’t just users you need to notify; you also need to schedule a time to update any self-hosted agents plus any other integration you have which talks to your Azure DevOps Organisation.

Ban Public Projects in your Organisation

Ban Public Projects in your Organisation Are you worried about a project being accidentally created so everyone can see it!! Public project got introduction as part of Azure DevOps to enable open-source projects to harness the capabilities of Azure DevOps. This is generally not what a Company would want, fear not there is an easy fix to stop this happening. Options If you have a company that does want to have some projects public and some projects that you wouldn’t like public.

New Project

Want to create a project in Azure DevOps but would like to understand all the settings you are in the right place. Creating a new project in Azure DevOps requires you to sign into your Azure DevOps Organisations if you haven’t got an Organisation yet please go to the tutorial where I talk you through the process. Options Project Name This is what the project will be called and will be part of the URL for all the aspects of the project.

Public Projects

Public Projects enable you to allow anyone to see your source code or your work items without having to login. Test Plans and Artefacts aren’t visible at the moment to the anonymous users who aren’t login. This may change as this feature is in preview at the moment. Benefits One of the key benefits in using a Public Project over a Private one is you can have 10 build agents hosted by Microsoft.