Renaming your Organisation

You may want to rename your Azure DevOps Organisation for different reasons. Change in the company name, for example, don’t worry, you can change it. It is vital Communicate with your Organisation that you are planning to change the name as this will have an impact on your URL to access Azure DevOps.

It isn’t just users you need to notify; you also need to schedule a time to update any self-hosted agents plus any other integration you have which talks to your Azure DevOps Organisation.

Tip Install the Banner Settings plugin from the Market Place - Banner Setting - Marketplace

Then configure it to notify and remind people when it is going to happen.

Let’s get started

Head over to your Organisation Page.

Select the country/region you wish your data to be held and then press continue. Azure DevOps is creating your Organisation within this region

Change the Organisation Name


  1. type in the name you would like for the organisation
  2. Click on Save

If you get a red error box at the top of the screen by the Name you will find that this name has already been used. So you will need to use a different Name.


Once you have clicked Save you will be prompted with this window,

  1. Retype the new name of the organisation
  2. Tick the box if you understand the url of the instance will change. (as long as all the users have been notified!)

Then click save.


You have renamed your Azure DevOps Organisation. Everyone should know the new URL so no need to notify them.