Wiki – Linked Pages on Work Items

Azure DevOps wiki enable you to link the page to work items. Which really useful, but it isn’t obvious without going to the links tab on the work item and see that there are linked wiki pages. See picture below of the tabs.


Being able to see on the front page of the work item the list of linked wiki pages and being able to get to those wiki pages would be useful. It just so happens Anton Boyko has created a Board control to do this.

Getting Started

Go to the Azure DevOps Marketplace and search for Linked Wiki Pages or head over to . Click it Free and install to you organisation.

Once you have installed this extension got to a work item and there will be a new component on the work item called Linked wiki pages. That looks like this.


If you want to see how to link the wiki page to the work item see below.

Linked Work Items

If you are working on a work item and you put together a detailed design for this particular work item you can link it to the work item. Clicking on the menu on the top right of the wiki page and then clicking on Link work Items, the associate the work items for this wiki page.


Or alternatively you can add a wiki page on the Links tab of the work item screen and click Add Link and add a Wiki Page.